3D Plant Modeling


3D modeling provides the distinct and effective presentation of a plant that can be isometric, oblique, perspectives or any other pictorial form. The use of 3D CAD modeling enhances the quality of design, which is not possible through 2D. Its application also minimizes the human errors and re-works assignments that occur due to traditional design and improves the design quality many times.


Higher quality at lower installation cost.

Higher quality is a result of the followings:

• Improved accuracy- Because of automated tasks &   electronic data exchangebetween design, modeling
  & drawing system.
• Consistency – In standard drawing & symbols
  well-designed document formats, and automated error   checking.
• Flexibility - In project specification customizations
  that reflect contractor’s cumulative expertise and
  fewer errors to construction.
• Improved operability and maintainability- Because of   readily available engineering information.
  (Model drawing and data base files)

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Lower installation costs are a result of the followings:

• Fewer engineering staff hours- Because of automated task and electronic data exchange.
• Less graphics terminal time- As a result of using alphanumeric terminals for most data entry and automated   drawing generation.
• Less field rework- Because of reduced engineering error rates.
• Lower material surpluses- As a result of more accurate take-offs.
• Shorter schedules- As a result of all these factors.

Mehras is a leading (computer aided design) CAD service provider, offers all type of outsourcing 3D modeling services. Our experts can take any set of required information and quickly and cost effectively creates an intelligent 3D model for your future development project like revamping.

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