Detail Engineering


Mehras offers a complete range of detail engineering services for structures, piping, equipments and instrumentation.

Structural Engineering and Modeling

Preliminary equipment layout from 'know-how' supplier, static and dynamic load data, dimensions from equipment vendors, site data, wind and climatic conditions, seismological data and soil data are typical inputs required for modeling and engineering of structure. Mehras creates the basic structural 3D model in PDS or PDMS. The model is analyzed (using STAAD III software) for different operating load conditions as may occur in real operations & locations for example static and dynamic equipment loads, varying wind loads and directions, primary and secondary structural loads, etc.

Equipment Engineering and Modeling

We create equipment models concurrently with other disciplines such as structural, piping, and electrical raceways. Mehras has the experience to adopt good engineering practice to correctly model and place standard and proprietary equipment to achieve the desired degree of accuracy and detail.

Piping Engineering and Modeling

P&IDs, piping specification, general arrangement drawings, 3D equipment and structural models are some of the basic inputs for piping engineering and modeling. With the structural framework and the 3D equipment model in place Mehras undertakes the simultaneous modeling and routing of piping.

Pipe routing is accomplished using P&IDs and equipment layouts and by using good engineering practices. Mehras has the necessary skills in CAE software to perform flexibility/stress analysis of critical high temperature lines.

Plot plan
Vendor drawings or mechanical drawings
Standards & details
Piping material specification

Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering

The instrumentation engineering and detailing services are based on P&IDs and equipment and other reference layouts as primary inputs. The detailed design is based on instrument specifications and standards. Mehras uses INtools software for carrying out instrumentation engineering and creates an exhaustive electronic database for total project instrumentation work and subsequent use throughout the lifecycle of the plant. The built-in library of ISA standard specification sheets in INtools are customized as per project requirements.

Required Information for
Structural Engineering

  • Plot plan

  • Weights and COG

  • Equipment location

  • Standards & details
  • Structural Engineering Deliverables

  • 3D Model for review & clash checking

  • Bill of materials

  • SDNF files for shop drawing preparation

  • Detail design drawing for steel structure
       fabrication (Shop drawings)

  • Civil installation drawings
    Required information for equipment
  • Equipment datasheets

  • Nozzle specification and orientation

  • Equipment location

  • Foundation location and specification

  • Standards and details
  • deliverables Equipment
  • Equipment Layout Drawings

  • Equipment List

  • Nozzles schedules.

  • 3D intelligent model
    Piping engineering deliverables
  • Piping MTO

  • Fabrication Isometrics

  • Pipe spools

  • Support MTO

  • Support drawings

  • Isometric drawings

  • 3D Model for review & clash checking

  • Line list and valve list

  • General arrangement drawing (GADs)
  • Required Information For Instrumentation Engineering

  • Instrument index

  • Specification sheets

  • Loop wiring diagrams

  • Hook up drawings

  • Schematic control diagrams

  • Instrument tubing support layout

  • Cable schedule

  • Tubing and impulse piping

  • Material Take-Off (MTO)

  • Junction Box details and purchase requisitions.

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