Mehras engineering services concentrate on following industries in addition to our general purpose engineering consultancy services:

1- Marine Industries

Mehras also provide services to the shipbuilding industry. We have a team of naval architects and engineers with very vast yard experience and who are also proficient in Tribon and other ship building design software. We are service providers for ISOICO and MRDC shipyard, Mehras is providing design support for one warships of the Iranian navy.

Mehras offers the most advanced ship and marine structure design services available in the market today. We provide full range of flexible design for fabrication including assembly, and life cycle management capabilities within a single integrated environment. Our solutions are 3D platform independent through creation of virtual 3D models in 3D software chosen by the design organization / shipyard and generation of workshop drawings, production information, prefabrication and pre-outfitting information, assembly and installation schemes.

The Mehras Ship Design Group provides the following services:

• Hull and structure 3D Design Modeling
• Ship 3D Outfitting Design modeling
• 3D Model design Reviews
• Fabrication and Construction Planning
• Information Management
• Global Work share
• Materials and procurement Management
• Engineering Project and Cost Control

Mehras has vast experience of over 10 years supporting a lot of 3D model-based plant design organizations and offers detailed engineering services. Leveraging this rich experience, Mehras offers ship detail design solutions using cutting edge technology software tools that help integrate engineering tasks to support design organizations, ship classification authorities and ship yards.

We use the latest software for all our services and all engineering rules are built within the software to ensure design accuracy and consistency. It reduces design errors, changes, and rework. Enforcement of the design rules results in increased productivity, quality, and reliability by enabling faster, more efficient creation, transfer, and review of the design and fabrication phases of the project as it develops...More

2- Water and Wastewater Treatment

Mehras by cooperating with PACT as a licensor and basic designer is specializing in water and wastewater plant engineering detailed design, supervision on construction and after commissioning technical services.
PACT as multinational engineering company performs custom design, manufacturing and contracting of water treatment, wastewater treatment and water desalination.

PACT combines decades of experience in design, manufacture and operation of water and wastewater treatment plants in a variety of industries.
PACT design and process engineers are a select group of professionals that have gained their experience operating and/or managing major industrial water and wastewater treatment plants.
PACT's product capacities range from package units of few cubic meters per day to custom-designed systems of tens of thousands of cubic meters per day.
Installations worldwide cover the full range of those capacities both in water and wastewater treatment.
Typical industries served are pharmaceutical, semiconductor, automobile and auto parts, power, chemical, petrochemical and food and beverage.
PACT policy is maximizing local content by using Mehras capabilities whether products or engineering services, insures lower costs and prompt after-sales service...More

3-Oil, Gas and Petrochemical

Today, detailed engineering outsourcing has gained tremendous momentum across the globe. MEHRAS has created a method for itself as a preferred vendor to large global players by offering their vast resources for detailed engineering. Outsourcing of non-core functions enables our clients to focus on their own volumes. Backed by a team of highly qualified and well-trained engineers and professionals, MEHRAS offers customized solutions for all engineering needs in energy sector.

MEHRAS’ design engineering services can provide great business value to companies serving the oil & gas industry with Engineering, Procurement (EP) services and engineering consultancy services.

With the use of collaborative technologies and state of art communication facilities, MEHRAS helps customers in setting up of process plants that necessitates perfect synchronization between various engineering functions...More

4-Sugar Industries:

Mehras can offer leading edge engineering consultancy services in sugar industries based on large pool of best expertise in Iran as follows:

-Basic design
-Process optimization
-Preparing expansion plan
-Preparing mass balance and energy balance handbook
-Equipment design and Plot plan
-Detailed deign and 3D modeling

Mehras also has developed comprehensive beet sugar factory process simulation software which is able to calculate mass and energy balance from slicing machine, diffusion, purification, evaporation, crystallization, spray pond, barometric condensers, sugar dryer and cooler, pulp dryer, to producing molasses...More

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