Scope of Services

Hull Structure

3D Curved and planer hull modeling
Preparing workshop drawings and production information.
3D Body Lines Modeling
Surface and Compartment Design
Skin Faring
Preparing specifications and material lists.
Nesting for plates and profiles
Manufacturing information for shell plates and profiles
Assembly work preparation
Welding work preparation


Detailed Engineering of all Piping & Ducting
Material take off (MTO)
Applying codes and forms in erection and Piping general
Piping Isometrics and Spools generation
Pipe Bending Information (CNC data)
Isometric view for module and system
Detail view of rout and equipment
Piping general arrangement

Electrical and Instrumentation

Equipment and Electrical Panels Modeling
Cable tray and related support modeling
Cable modeling
Electrical equipments foundation and panel foundation modeling
Cable list preparation
Erection and construction drawing of foundation
Erection drawing for cable trays
Nesting drawing and foundation cutting plan

    Required information for detailed design:

Required Information for Piping and Machinery

Preparation of all system piping and mechanical systems
Preparing technical and design specifications
Design and drawing of supports and restraints
Vendor drawings or Equipment drawings
Standards & Details (material, size, etc)
Machinery / AC Space Arrangements
Propulsion & Shaft Arrangements
Block division
Module and system definition
Equipment arrangement(Position)
Shipyard equipment limitation and standards
Equipment and mechanical part transportation handbook
Equipment and mechanical part assembly protocols
Construction strategy
Structural database (Tribon Format)

Required information for Electrical and Instrumentation

Complete System Diagrams
Power Generation and Power Distribution layouts
Electrical Propulsion System layouts
Electrical Spaces and Control Room Arrangements
Detailed Layout Design: Switch Boards,
Distribution Boards, Starters, Control Desk
Internal and External Communication layouts
Lighting Arrangement layouts

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