Mehras also provide services to the shipbuilding industry. We have a team of naval architects and engineers with very vast yard experience and who are also proficient in Tribon and other ship building design software. We are service providers for ISOICO and MRDC shipyard, Mehras is providing design support for one warships of the Iranian navy.

Mehras offers the most advanced ship and marine structure design services available in the market today. We provide full range of flexible design for fabrication including assembly, and life cycle management capabilities within a single integrated environment. Our solutions are 3D platform independent through creation of virtual 3D models in 3D software chosen by the design organization / shipyard and generation of workshop drawings, production information, prefabrication and pre-outfitting information, assembly and installation schemes.

The Mehras Ship Design Group provides the following services:

Hull and structure 3D Design Modeling
Ship 3D Outfitting Design modeling
3D Model design Reviews
Fabrication and Construction Planning
Information Management
Global Work share
Materials and procurement Management
Engineering Project and Cost Control

Mehras has vast experience of over 10 years supporting a lot of 3D model-based plant design organizations and offers detailed engineering services. Leveraging this rich experience, Mehras offers ship detail design solutions using cutting edge technology software tools that help integrate engineering tasks to support design organizations, ship classification authorities and ship yards.

We use the latest software for all our services and all engineering rules are built within the software to ensure design accuracy and consistency. It reduces design errors, changes, and rework. Enforcement of the design rules results in increased productivity, quality, and reliability by enabling faster, more efficient creation, transfer, and review of the design and fabrication phases of the project as it develops.


Generation of 3D Product Model in Tribon

The 3D Product Model work involved pertains to the following categories: -

- Creation of new volumes in Tribon for Engineering / Electrical / Weapon /    Outfitting / Structural / Miscellaneous Items / Equipments. Based on complexity of
   these items/equipments, these are categorized as Simple, Medium and Complex

- Creation of structural 3D model in Tribon comprising of curved and planar    structures of side shell, decks, bulkheads, tanks, superstructure, masts, funnels    etc. by positioning the plates, stiffeners, penetrations/ deck pieces, platforms,    brackets etc.

- Creation of outfitting 3D model in Tribon by positioning the equipments, fittings,   outfitting items, accommodation items, routing of pipes/ducts/cable   trays/conduits, locating pipe/duct/cable supports etc. in the already existing 3D
  Tribon Structural Model.

- Creation of 3D model in Tribon of structural foundations for equipment, sea tubes,    racks, brackets, Outfitting items etc. in the 3D Tribon Structural Model. The
   minuteness attributes and extent of detailing was specified in our Technical

Generation of Drawings from 3D Product Model in Tribon

The work involved in Generation of Drawings from 3D Outfitting model pertains to    the following categories: -

- Structural Production Drawings/data: The structural production drawings and data    were generated for unit drawings, seat drawings, nesting drawings, nesting data,    parts list, rolling sets data, skid heights, fairing of lines/surfaces & generation of    loft book data and weight & center of gravity reports.
- Composite Layout Drawings: These were generated for Machinery/Engineering    Compartments, other than Machinery Compartments and Accommodation    Compartments.
- Equipment Layout Drawings: These were generated for major    Machinery/Engineering Compartments.
- Pipe/Ventilation Sketches: These were generated for all pipe/ventilation systems       from 3D Outfitting Model.
- Structural Manufacturing Drawings for Outfitting Items: These were generated for    outfitting items like furniture, racks, brackets etc.

Benefits to the Customer

Creation of production drawings using 3D modeling software.
Reduce project schedule with automation of drawings
Create database for follow on projects...More


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