Today, detailed engineering outsourcing has gained tremendous momentum across the globe. MEHRAS has created a method for itself as a preferred vendor to large global players by offering their vast resources for detailed engineering. Outsourcing of non-core functions enables our clients to focus on their own volumes. Backed by a team of highly qualified and well-trained engineers and professionals, MEHRAS offers customized solutions for all engineering needs in energy sector.

MEHRASí design engineering services can provide great business value to companies serving the oil & gas industry with Engineering, Procurement (EP) services and engineering consultancy services.

With the use of collaborative technologies and state of art communication facilities, MEHRAS helps customers in setting up of process plants that necessitates perfect synchronization between various engineering functions...More

Implementation of High Tech Engineering Softwares in Projects
  Mehras IT department consultants can guide you to select the most   suitable and affordable engineering software according to your current   projects and it can help you save a lot on money and time. This service   powered by our engineering department experienced specialists. Our   knowledge of the software's capabilities and available data can allow
  us to define work procedures and extract the data to speed up
  repeatable tasks, thus reducing total hours per project...More

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