Scope Documentation Services

MEHRAS has the software knowledge and project experience to fully document required work practices and deliverable specifications to ensure that projects can be effectively handed off at delivery.

This type of documentation provides end clients with the assurance that their projects will be accomplished completely, and in a consistent manner. It also assures them that the data will be retrievable and of value to future projects. Internally, this documentation provides a guideline for the modeling and drawing production effort on all projects regardless of the client. Furthermore, many clients will require adherence to a project scope document, even if it was written for another software product. As parts of the document would then be inapplicable, it may create nearly impossible expectations or disagreement on interpretations. By having the ability to provide an applicable scope document, our clients may avoid having one forced on them with the project. Scope documentation can range from purely internal work procedures, to sub-contractor deliverable requirements ideally this type of documentation would include:

Software and project folder locations.
Project association and grouping.
Database naming and numbering schema.
Catalog and Specification naming, arrangement, and required attribute settings.
Design Hierarchy naming conventions, modeling limits and attribute settings.
Property database naming conventions and data.
Dictionary database hierarchy and naming conventions.
Drawing production hierarchy, naming conventions and drafting standards.

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