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Mehras IT department consultants can guide you to select the most suitable and affordable engineering software according to your current projects and it can help you save a lot on money and time. This service powered by our engineering department experienced specialists.
Our knowledge of the software's capabilities and available data can allow us to define work procedures and extract the data to speed up repeatable tasks, thus reducing total hours per project.

Plant Design Software Implementation and Integration

Implementation Services

Software implementation does NOT end with installing the software!

Plant Design Software is a complex spec driven database system that can seem overwhelming to new users. While the default settings are well thought out, they seldom conform to all of the work practices of most companies. Unfortunately the learning curve for most companies includes finding out how they should have done something when it's almost too late to do anything about it and what it will now cost to do it right.

We believe that implementation should start with a study of your company's deliverables and work practices.

Mehras offers a complete range of customization services for entire range of leading Plant Design Solutions for your projects and enables you to focus on your core business.

Customization for plant design solutions

Plant design solutions such as PDMS, PDS, SPP&ID and INtools include standard built-in libraries for a multitude of commonly used plant components and practices. However, it is not and cannot be an exhaustive library covering all national, international and industry standards.

Mehras can customize these solutions to meet specific company and project requirements to help the customer exploit the functionality of the solutions to the maximum advantage.

SmartPlant P&ID

Mehras undertakes customization required for symbol library, labels, border files, design rules and report formats.


Customization involves creation of user-defined fields in instrument index, format for specification sheet and process data sheet, templates for loop drawings and hook ups and various reports in all modules.

Legacy Data Migration

Legacy data, whether in 2D drawings, "simple" CAD formats, or 3D models in older PDS versions, constitute a wealth of information that cannot be ignored or written-off. Mehras engineers can convert your legacy design information and data into current versions of 2D/3D models that offer unprecedented possibilities for improving designs and cutting costs.


Customization is predominantly required in the following area:

Piping Specification: Mehras can customize the specifications to incorporate your
  project-specific components along with company-defined commodity codes.
Equipment EDEN: Mehras can write EDEN programs for making parametric
  equipments as per project specific requirements.
Piping EDEN: Mehras can add any piping, instrument, and specialty components to
  your reference library (RDB) as per your project requirements.
Piping assemblies: Mehras can provide customized Piping assemblies for faster
  piping modeling.
Pipe supports: Mehras can provide customized piping supports to meet company
  and/or project requirements.
Reports & Border files: Mehras can customize various report formats and border
  files to meet company and/or project requirements.

Migration of existing PDS data

Mehras has the capability to upgrade PDS projects from the UNIX/CLIX/VAX operating systems to the latest PDS versions on Windows NT/2000...More

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