Our engineering automation team provides the following plant design services:

Intelligent P&IDs

Since Plant Operation and Maintenance are information-centric activities, it is essential that operations and maintenance personnel have access to information for decision-making that fulfills the following critical criteria:

Up-to-date data to reflect "as-built" status
Consistency - all departments must have consistent information
Quick access by authorized personnel from anywhere in the plant
Cost-effective means to access data
Easy means to update status on an on-going basis

The Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) is the fundamental source of information that is needed in all phases of a plant's lifecycle from engineering and construction, through operation and maintenance, to decommissioning. However, this important repository of information has not been adequately exploited using contemporary tools offered by Information Technology. Now, with a large, trained workforce, cutting-edge facilities, sophisticated automated and interactive tools, and years of experience in data conversion, Mehras is in a unique position to provide all the necessary services - and at an attractive price!

Instrumentation Design & Maintenance Information

For a running plant, operations & instrument maintenance is one of the critical activities, since plant shutdown due to instrument failure could lead to heavy revenue losses. The solution lies in maintaining instrumentation data in electronic format that can be readily accessed by operations and maintenance personnel with minimal computer expertise.

Mehras has developed expertise in managing instrumentation data using the leading instrumentation software.

These services involve the creation and maintenance of:

Instrumentation Index
Instrument Process Datasheet
Instrument Loop Drawing
Instrument Wiring Diagram
Instrument Specification sheets
Instrument Hook up Drawings
Instrument Calibration Database

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