Engineering Information Management and Automation


A substantial volume of engineering information pertaining to plant assets is generated during a plant's life cycle through various applications. This data comes from disparate sources - licensors, partners, consultants, contractors, suppliers and operators - and is in various formats. Further, these undergo various revisions, both during he engineering phase, as well as during its operational phase, to reflect field modifications, expansions, de-bottlenecking operations etc. During a plant's design phase as well as its operating life, it is essential that decision-makers have access to accurate, consistent and the most recent information regarding plant assets.

By using the most sophisticated engineering software, Mehras creates a business object data model for Plant Information Management (PIM) as follows:

Plant hierarchy (area-wise, system-wise, discipline-wise etc)
User groups and users
Access control
Classification of equipment, instruments, pipelines, cables
Classification of documents, drawings, procedures etc.
Data forms for the creation, update and querying of tags & documents
Pick-lists for facilitating entering data
Datasheets to reflect the paper data sheets used by the Customer
Methods and menus to customize user group functionality
Workflows for Change management

Mehras assists in the modular integration of engineering software, with the plant data repository to address the flow of data as it moves from one engineering application to another through its lifecycle. This would enable data of common interest to multiple applications may be published or retrieved to the engineering data warehouse.

Plant and facility owner/operators and engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) organizations are fast discovering that they need effective solutions for the management of their engineering information. Only then, they can properly track the evolving configuration of their plants from conception, through construction, operation, maintenance and revamps, to eventual decommissioning. The potential benefits arising from the effective management of engineering information are enormous, and competitive pressures are such that companies recognize the compelling need to invest in this area to survive and prosper...More

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