Consortium Formation


Today, Iran oil and gas market is one of the biggest markets in the world and international oil and gas companies are intended to obtain more shares in this business.

The Iranian government encourages foreign companies to make joint venture with local companies because of following reasons:

- Improving local companies' capability.
- Reducing project risk by utilizing experienced international companies.
- Technology transferring.
- Political factors.
- Improving local companies' financial flexibility.
- Law obligation for local content.

Our services help international companies which are interested on working in Iran oil and gas market to find suitable and desirable local companies for securing a joint venture.

Its obvious forming of such venture needs a deep knowledge concerning following items:

- Governmental section rule and regulation
- Client vendor registration procedures.
- Clients current needs
- Trustworthy local manufacturer
- Law restriction
- Effective relation ship with client   mangers

We have a deep knowledge about Iranian clients, and EPC contractor and local manufacturer hence we can help you through this procedure.

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