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Mehras offers Detail Engineering and 3D Modeling services covering all plant engineering disciplines such as Structural, Civil, Equipment, Material Handling and Transportation, Piping, Electrical and Electronics, Instrumentation, and HVAC.It also supplies IT software, support and services.

These services will be offered by third party Outsourcing Service Providers directly or via Mehras as project coordinator by using computer aided design software.

These services address the needs of Engineering / EPC organizations who:

•Continue to do detail engineering on a 2D platform and yet are required   to develop 3D models to meet their customer requirements for virtual   project creation beforeconstruction at site.
•Have already carried out detail engineering for a particular project on a 2D
  platform,but are preparing for a similar project, using plant design   software, in the future.
•Having limited software seats or skills and would like to utilize only the 3D   modeling capabilities of Mehras for a project, handling the detail   engineering activity

Various specification sheets and 2D drawings developed by EPCs are used as inputs for modeling structures, equipment, pipes and piping components, instruments, electrical cable trays, and HVAC.

On completion of the modeling activity, Mehras can generate 'Interference/Clash Detection' reports. Once clashes have been reviewed and accepted / removed, Mehras can extract 'General Arrangement Drawings' (GADs), detailed isometric drawings, and detailed 'Material Take Off' lists (MTOs) for use at the construction site.

Results of using CAD\CAM\CAE software:

Reusing design components
Easy design versioning and modification
Automatic generation of standard design components
Design verification against specifications and rules
Design Simulation without building a physical prototype
Automated assembly design of parts
Engineering documentation output
Design output to manufacturing facilities
Direct output to rapid prototyping or rapid manufacture machines.

Our mission:

Keep the neutral policy in offering these engineering services by playing the role of project coordinator between Outsourcing Service Providers and clients.

Reduce project cost while improving drawing quality and reducing overall design time for our clients, resource industry producers and engineering consultants.

Provide simple innovative solutions to design office problems through drawing standardization, effective planning and innovative design office management techniques.

Maintain a comprehensive set of design tools and drawing databases capable of being delivered to clients and employees via the Internet that together will act to speed the design process while reducing errors and clashes.

Implement appropriate drawing standards, specifications, design procedures, simplify software customization and supply qualified short term designers, drafters and checkers via high speed Internet connections wherever they are needed.

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